Money to poor is not a charity. Charity is the money shared with poor, when you are in dire need of money.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. We have Children Education Support Program for Street Children in India & Abroad. Our films are not merely produced on the studio floors, run in cinemas & die in film cans as archives, but rather projects that can be implemented in our lives.

Our charity is a unique attempt where, the net profit from the movie will not only be shared by the associated members of the film, but 15% of it would go towards the Children Education Support Program. Our objective is to implement a financial support plan where selected children will receive 15 years of constant support, changing their lifestyle in terms of education & social status. This inimitable effort is not restricted to India or Indians, instead 15% of the profit margin earned from the country running the film, would be spent on the welfare of children of that respective country.

Thereafter, 15% of the revenue of all the other films, produced under the our banner, shall be contributed towards this program. A Special Committee shall be formed for the purpose & the Operating cost shall be maintained as low as 20% of the funds contributed.

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